Nowton Court Village

Simply Splendid Historic Photograph’s of Nowton Court

Nowton Court has generously been given some amazing old photographs of its stunning building; from the early 1900’s.

The history behind this magnificent Manor House is quite substantial and extremely interesting.  The original house was owned by Mr Orbell Henry Oakes (Henry) who fathered ten children, four sons (two unfortunately were killed in the first world war and are buried in France) and six daughters whom all lived at Nowton Court.

The daughters all remained spinsters and lived the whole of their younger years at Nowton Court.  Mr Orbell Oakes (Jnr) inherited the estate because all of the O H Oakes’s sons predeceased him.

Nowton Court became a private boarding school for boys with some pupils being everyday names, Nigel Havers and John Le Mesurier.

Nowton Court is very grateful to Mr Christopher Oakes for allowing us to share these superb pictures.