Nowton Court Village


A VE Day Celebration!!

The flags were flying high at Nowton Court Village. On Friday 8th May the residents and staff celebrated VE Day and shared lots of memories with each other. The...

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A Very Kind Donation!!

Residents Receive a Very Generous Gift During this difficult time, being in ‘Lockdown’, Nowton Court received a very generous gift from a residents family member. This motorised scooter will...

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Plenty of P.P.E. delivered

Heritage Manor Ltd are all helping each other! During this difficult time with the virus Covid-19 it is paramount that all of our residents and staff remain healthy and...

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What a Wonderful Gesture!

During this difficult time, people are so very kind.. Whilst the world is current a very different place to be regarding the Covid-19 virus, the safety and health of...

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